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Instructions for use 

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You are in command of a submarine in the 
Mediterranean. Your mission: toattackand 
destroy the enemy convoys scattered over 
the sea. To help you: a map, sonar, 
periscope and torpedo. There's more to it 
than that, of course. The enemy, for one 
thing, can hit you with shells and depth 
charges, so you also have a full instrument 
panel to help you creep up undetected. 
It may take a little time to master all the 
available moves, but the fun and the thrills 
are all the greater the more your skill 

Below you will find full instructions for 
loading and playing. Have a good game! 


O A/lake sure the computer is turned OFF at the 
power switch on the right-hand side of the 

Q Connect your television to the computer and 
switch the television ON. 

© Take your Submarine Commander cartridge 
and plug it into the back of the computer. 

PROBLEMS If, after loading, your picture is 
not automatically centred use the cursor 
control keys to adjust it. If your picture 
flickers, pressing SHIFT and F7 may improve 
picture quality. 


O After the title; the computer asks you to 

choose a Skill Level 1 - 9. Press Fl to show the 
numberyou want (see section 6 for details). 
Press F3 when you are ready. 

O The map in the centre of the screen shows 
yourposition (flashing dot), and those of the 
enemy convoys (black dots) . The object is to 
track down the convoys and sink all the 
ships. The enemy is composed of the 



(bird Boat 

You score tonnage points for sinking ships, 
with more points for tankers and less for 
destroyers and patrol boats. But beware of 
destroyers and patrol boats, which are 
armed with shells and depth charges and 
con cause you heavy damage. If they detect 
you, they will attackyou. Tankers are also 
armed with a single gun and can fire at you 
as well, but will take evasive action to try to 
lose you. 

© To attack your target, you have the following 
basic equipment: 

Map Press M to establish yourposition 
relative to land and convoys, at any time. 

Sonar Press S for a picture of the sea 
around you; ships within range show up as 
blips on the screen. 

Periscope Press Pwhen you are at a 
depth of less than 30 feet, and you will get a 
view of any ship within I mile range that is in 
your line of sight. Use this mode to prepare 

for a submarine attack. 

Torpedoes When you are at a depth of 
about 25 feet, press the triggerorthe 

spacebar to fire a torpedo. Aim it ahead of 
the target ship. 

O Movement 

You move your submarine with a 
combination of Joystick and Keyboard 
controls. These work as follows: 


TO SURFACE. Move Joystick towards you; 
this pushes the submarine's nose up. 
TO DIVE. Move Joystick away from you; 
the nose goes down. 
RUDDER CONTROL Move Joystick to left 
and right. Use in conjunction with the 
compass setting (see Instrument Panel). 




RUDDER CONTROL Press cursor up/down 

to move left and press cursor left/right to 

move right. 

SPEED. Type a speed from 1 to 9. Type to stop. 

BLOWBALLASTTANKS. Press B to surface 

rapidly (but remember, this uses up valuable air). 

CRASH DIVE. Press C. This takes control from 

the Joystick and locks the submarine into a dive. 

FIRETORPEDO. Press spacebar. 


Joystick control after a crash dive (C) ortonks 

being blown (B). 

PAUSE. Press Yto halt the game. Move the 

Joystick to restart. 

ABORT. Press Q to abort the mission. 

O Instrument Panel 

The diagram below explains the position 
and function of the various gauges on the 
panel. At the beginning of each mission the 
computer alllocates you quantities of 
torpedoes, fuel, air and a battery charge 
reading (see 6 for details) . You must be 
careful not to run out of any of these. Your 
speed is set at nil, and you have to type in a 
number 1 -9. fn detail, the controls are as 

instrument Panel 

a ATTITUDE. Move theJoystickto right and 
left or use cursor keys to change course. 

b COMPASS. The compass reading 
determines the course you steer. 

c CLOCK to time how long missions fasf. 



f BATTERY CHARGE reading. To recharge, 
you have to surface. 

g SPEED IN KNOTS, i.e. nautical miles per 

h SONAR SCREEN, produced by pressing S 
(the other two modes are M = mop and P = 
periscope). The sonar screen shows the 
enemy ships as white 'blips'. Your position is 
the white cross in the centre which remains 
static. When an enemy ship is correctly lined 
up the blip will appear directly above the 
cross, at some point between itandthe 
edge of the sonar screen. 

i DEPTH GAUGE. This tells you your depth in 
feet. Use your Joystick or press ZorXto dive 

j HYDROPHONE CHART. This shows ships 
as peaks. To move directly towards a ship, 
line up a peak with the indicator in the centre 
of the chart. 


/This chart shows the DEPTH BELOWTHE 
KEEL. Be careful you do not crash into the 

damage os a square ranging from empty 
(no damage) to full (severe damage) to: 
C= controls, I = instruments, H = hull, 
E = engines. If your damage rating is not too 
high, you may decide to canyon without 
waiting for repairs, but beware unexpected 

malfunctions. Your submarine is repaired 
automatically. However repairs are carried 
out more rapidly on the surface). If your hull 
damage becomes severe, it may crack, with 
a watery grove awaiting you! 

nAIRSUPPLY. Can be renewed by surfacing. 
When your supply is low it will flash. 

O Skill Levels 

The higher the Skill Level, the more 
challenging the game becomes. You will, in 
your encounters with the enemy, come up 
against more attacking ships (destroyers 
and patrol boats) and malfunctions are 
more likely when you are damaged. You will 
also have less fuel, charge and torpedoes 
and there will be more convoys foryou to 
attack and destroy before your mission is 
complete (see the table below for details). 
Added to this, for Skill Levels 7, 8 and 9, your 
torpedoes will not always sink an enemy 
ship they hit, but may only damage it. 

Summary of Starting Positions 

Skill «o. of 

level fuml Charge Convoys Torpedoes 

1 250 70 4 80 

2 230 60 4 70 

3 220 60 5 70 

4 210 55 5 65 

5 200 50 6 60 

6 180 45 6 55 

7 170 40 7 50 

8 150 40 7 50 

9 140 30 7 40 


You need constantly to assess the pros and 
cons of moving on the surface or 
underwater. Running on fhe surface is 
quicker, but if you get too close to an enemy 
convoy on the surface, you will be seen and 
attacked by the escorting warships. To warn 
you, a bell sounds as you approach the 
enemy's range of vision on the surface. 

Your greatest advantage over the enemy is 
your ability to travel underwater. However, 
this does use up air and batteries, and you 
can still be detected if you fire a torpedo or if 
you use your sonar. 

Asyour initial working tactics, try 
approaching an enemy convoy on the 
surface using the map mode (M) . As you 
draw near, dive and locate the ships with 
your sonar (S) and hydrophone chart. Then 
come up to a depfri of about 25 feet and 
press P for a view of the surface. Am your 
submarine atthe target, and press the 
trigger to release a torpedo, aiming ahead 
of the ship. Hits are recorded on the 
'tonnage sunk' chart (on the right) . 
If you are under heavy attack from the 
surface ships, and wish to lose them, dive 
deep and cut your speed to O, and wait 
until the attack is over. 

O End of Game 

The game ends when any of the following 

(a) All enemy convoys are sunk 

(b) All the oxygen is used 

fcj All fuel and charge have been used 
(d) There is severe damage to the hull 

The game can also be terminated by 
pressing Q. You will still receive a rating of 
your abilities as a Submarine Commander. 

O Rating 

At the end of each game you receive a 
rating (score), with points awarded for 
tonnage sunk and the ultimate for a 
Submarine Commander, elimination of all 
convoys. Points are deducted for fuel, 
torpedoes and time used, etc. 

Summary of Factors Affecting your Rating: 
Points are awarded for: 

(a) Tonnage sunk 

(b) Bonus points for sinking all convoys 
proportional to the Skill Level. 

Points are deducted for. 

(a) Fuel used 

(b) Torpedoes used 

(c) Charge used 

(d) Damage incurred 

(e) Time taken to complete the mission 

(f) Being destroyed 

Plug the cartridge into your computer. 

Q Afterthe title, press Fl to choose o Skill Level. 

Q Press F3 to begin gome. Mop on screen shows 
yourposition and positions of enemy convoys. 

O Using basic equipment of map, sonar, 
periscope and torpedoes - plus instrument 
panel -move your submarine with a 
combination of Joystick and Keyboard to 
track and sink ships in enemy convoys. 

Q If the enemy detects you, it will attack with 
shells and depth charges. 

O Gome ends when all enemy convoys are 
sunk; all oxygen is used; fuel and charge are 
exhausted; or h ull is severely damaged. 

Q At the end of game you receive a rating of 

Important Key Controls 

B-Blow Ballast (Surface) Spacebar- Fire Torpedo 

C- Crash Dive P- Periscope 

M-Map S-Sonar 

N-NeutraliseBorC Y-HaltCame 

X-NoseUp O-9-Speed 

t , Z- Nose down 

I Lett < — » Right 

This is only intended as a basic guide. For 
more detailed instructions see inside. 


Q THORN EMI Video Programmes Lid 1983